1. KATH’S 18th birthday :)

    Hello! Did you guys miss me? :) hahaha Anyway, I’m going to post about my friend’s (kath) 18th birthday. It was a very beautiful night for us because I also got to meet my high school friends who I have not met for a very long time. So, I’m going to feed your eyes with our pictures of the night.

    C + B + M   (figure this out)

    hahaha. Maxine (long hair) was super late. Charm and I waited for her for three hours. We were totally late at the party. I’m totally flattered for those who texted us, worrying why we have not yet arrived. :)

    Ian + I.         I love how I posed here.

    Monch + I  drama lungs ang ganap

    Theo + I   hahaha drama lungs ulet (my guy friends are so vain!)

    Chris + I    I love you girl! :)))

    Group shots. :) Si Jayvee lang ang nadagdag. Oh well, I super miss Jayvee. isang year din kaming di nagkita. and in fairness to that, he’s so tall na! :) taller than the three other boys! :)

    Patrick + I   grabe bagay rin pala sken ang matangkad boyfie pag nakaheels! :)

    Angie + I      I am going to miss you girl! :)

    with my one and only babes, Darwin! :) HAHAHAHA siguro minumura na ako ni darwin dito. :)) Singet ung dalawa. hmph.

    With the hottest guy around, Japhet. :)) hahaha Joke lang bitch! :) love you! :*

    Girls group shots :)) we are so gorgeous as always :)

    oh ano say ni raphael? daming chicks! :)

    And with my loves….

    and of course me.. :)

    I have posted my clothes already, di’ba? :))

    Happy birthday Kathryn! :) thank you for inviting us! :) We love you! :*

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