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Sep 19


I just want you to know, it’s so hard to function with a broken heart. 

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Aug 16

19 year old Mia,

Boys will be boys. Huwag na huwag maniniwala sa sinasabi nila. Pareho-pareho lang yan. Huwag kang tanga. Isipin mo kung gaano kasakit nangyari sayo. Huwag kang maniniwala, okay?

Yourself 1.5 years ago

Apr 27

greatest failure of my life

I cannot sleep. That one subject I failed still haunts me everyday. I cannot even log in to systemone because I dont want to see my grade in another subject. I am so disappointed with myself. This is the first time in my 19 years of existence that I lost confidence with myself.

But the most disappointing thing ever is how my heart reacted to this. Why do I feel this? God is always asking me, am I never enough for you? Almost a month has passed since I asked God, why did you let this happen?

This is a struggle. The enemy whispers the what ifs and the could haves. It is sad that I listen to them instead of listening to what the Father says to me, my Father who has proven to me for so many times how faithful and true He is.

I declare today that I would trust God with everything. If this did not happen, maybe I’m still a hypocrite who lies to herself that I have lifted everything to God.

Lord God, I trust You will all my heart. I really do not see Your reason for this. But I know that You can see the bigger picture. I declare that for the last two sems of my college lives, you would fulfill your promises to me. I lift to you all the burdens and heartaches that would not let me get to sleep. I declare that your love is truly enough. In Jesus’s Name. Amen

Jan 17

My housemates and I had a little photo shoot before parting ways during the Christmas season. Here is what I wore. It was super pretty in LB. I hope that they did not bring down the Christmas vibes. Wouldn’t be that the world will be a better place if it’s Christmas everyday?? 

Here is one of my housemates, Leslie. :) Hahaha Everytime I’m with her, my face is always like the one below. :) Kidding!:) Praying for our growth in our relationship with God!! <3

And that’s Maika! My super pretty housemate rin. She’s always fun to be with! Az in. We have our own way to find something funny about something. :)  Love you girl.

And that’s Ghelvin. :) We do not get to hang out a lot but when we do, it’s always fun! :) 

You have only seen four of Kalsoc — my best buds in LB! :) I love you girls to bit! Not everyone has been given the chance to live an apartment with your besties! I hope we remain like this forever until we get wed n years from now! Always thanking God for you! :) 

All photos are taken by the Dani Coro. so galing magpicture! :)

Jan 01

First ootd for 2014

Happy new year everyone! :) This is my first post for 2014 and one of my many new year resolutions to keep this blog updated all the time. So guys, this is what I wore to our family reunion a while ago.

I tried to be simple as possible. I got my dress from Mura Dito, a shop in Divisioria. It’s very cheap and doesn’t look like the usual clothes that come from Divisoria. My sandals were from Charcoal. It was my Tita’s Christmas present. I love it because I can wear it everytime it rains in UPLB. 

Anyway, here are other photos. Hahaha!:)

I think that this is a better Facebook profile picture :( 

But this is my DP :( Do you think that I should change my DP with the photo above?

Natuwa lang ako sa test shoot.

Anyway, I feel so excited for what God has planned for me this year! and I am going to have a partial closet makeover because God has been dealing to me if what clothes would honor Him.